The Places You Can Go with a Graduate Degree in Communication

If you’re weighing the value of a graduate program in Communication, it’s important to consider your return on investment: what you will be able to do, and how much you can earn, when graduation day rolls around. The good news is: every employer in the world can use skilled communicators who possess an advanced degree, and these opportunities often lead to higher salaries and greater responsibility.

Graduates of Bryant University’s master’s program in Communication have noted that their degrees helped them skip over entry level roles to positions of higher responsibility and pay. 

Here's more evidence: 
PayScale is an online salary, benefits, and compensation information company which has been informing the employment marketplace since 2002 ( Their recent 2016-2017 College Salary Report suggests that there are fascinating, relatively high-paying jobs that will be waiting for you and your Communication degree.  Surveys show that students who major in Communication can pursue a range of top earning positions in media, the arts, marketing, public relations, and many other industries, with even more opportunities for graduates who have complemented their Communication studies with coursework in Journalism.

This wide array of opportunities provides proof that Communication is one of the most valuable skills to employers of all types and sizes. One of the highest paid positions for those with credentials in Communication is Vice President of Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Communications. According to PayScale, “this is a vital role in any large company, as the VP of Corporate Communications dictates every message that a company sends to the buying public…Communications majors will play a key role in the evolution of new media as we switch from traditional media channels, like newspapers, television broadcasts and magazines, to dynamic, online media channels.”

A crucial piece of advice in the PayScale report is: when conducting a job search using job boards or other online sources, don’t limit yourself to titles containing the key word Communication. For example, the number one paying job on the PayScale survey is Chief Marketing Officer.  A common educational background of CMOs is one or more Communication degrees. At mid-career, CMOs expect to earn somewhere in the vicinity of $187,000 per year.

Another interesting perspective from PayScale involves a different measure of job “worth” that those with Communication degrees can expect to experience. For some, compensation, while clearly important, isn’t the only thing that makes a position attractive enough to become a lifetime vocation. The survey reports on the percent of individuals by job title who acknowledge that “their work makes the world a better place.”  An impressive 92% of individuals who hold the job Director of Development for non-profit organizations are able to make that claim. Other world-changing job titles frequently held by those with Communication degrees include Director of Communication (67%), Director of Events (53%), and Communications Specialist (48%).  

For those looking for the best return on their graduate program investment, here are the top ten paying mid-career roles that holders of Communication degrees can expect to qualify for:

  • Chief Marketing Officer ($187,000)
  • Vice President, Communications ($159,000)
  • Vice President, Marketing ($152,000)
  • Vice President, Account Management ($144,000)
  • Vice President, Marketing & Business Development ($143,000)
  • Group Account Director ($142,000)
  • Director of Strategy ($140,000)
  • Online Marketing Director ($118,000)
  • Social Media Director ($118,000)
  • Vice President, Public Relations ($116,000)

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