An International Student's Insights About Life Outside Bryant University's Campus

Bryant University offers a vibrant community near New England's major cities.

Life outside Bryant University’s campus is exciting and offers all you can imagine. Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States, it offers many diverse and fun activities. Located in Smithfield, RI, the campus is beautiful, safe and sound. Within a 10 minute drive, there are lots of restaurants for food and drinks, whether for a quick bite or a nice elegant meal. From bowling allies and shopping centers to cinemas and more, there are great activities for us to enjoy near the campus.

Providence, the Rhode Island state capital, is only a 20-minute bus ride, which is free for Bryant students with Student ID. You'll find authentic food and markets from around the world such as Peruvian, Thai, Chinese, Korean or Japanese, and more. No wonder it's ranked as one of the top foodie cities in the country. For night owls, there are concerts, cultural events, and many fun places to get away for an evening and enjoy life.

"Bryant offers it all: on campus, in our college town of Smithfield, RI, and in close proximity to everything that major cities have to offer." 

It's easy to find housing in Providence because of the large presence of universities in the city. If you want to live on your own or find a roommate, it's a city that offers convenient access to everything you could possibly need: restaurants, theaters, movies, university hangouts, coffee bars, night clubs, galleries, sports venues—all within walking distance. Providence is a hidden gem that appeals to many different lifestyles!

For people like me who grow up in a big city, we love having two of America's greatest cities within reach: Boston is just a 45 minute drive from the Bryant campus and New York only 3 hours. It's easy to commute for a fun daytrip for concerts and shopping, or stay over for a few days to absorb the city vibe. Bryant offers it all: on campus, in our college town of Smithfield, RI, and in close proximity to all that major U.S. cities have to offer. 


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