International Students Describe Their Experiences at Bryant

The experience of being an international student in the United States can feel challenging at first. But as these Bryant University graduate students describe, it may turn out to be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your lifetime. 

Pack from Thailand:
“Making Friends”

"When I came to Bryant University I did not expect to have friends on the first day of class. Making friends here at Bryant MBA was not that hard. At first, I thought it would be difficult to make new friends because all the classmates looked very serious and professional. But it turns out many of them are very friendly and engaging. I did not expect to get to know an entire class in one day. Guess what, it happened!

I got to know almost everyone in class within a day.

Being an international graduate student is not easy. There is a lot to manage and many projects to work on. Fortunately I always get help from my awesome classmates every day. One thing I like about the classes here at Bryant MBA is how diverse we are. We have students from many parts of the world. There are students from India, China, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, and of course USA. I really like how international we are; that's what makes classes fun because I always get to hear different perspectives and viewpoints that I have never thought about before."


Hind from Saudi Arabia:
“6,500 Miles to the U.S.”

"Getting a Graduate degree in a country that is 6500 miles away from home is one the best experiences I've ever had. It strongly builds my personality and ability to make adjustments in life. Being away from home made me appreciate family more. At first, the hardest part was trying to adjust to the new culture and the fact that I was experiencing a different pedagogy of teaching and learning than I was used to. I was so homesick during my first month that I considered going back to Saudi Arabia more than three times. Then, I realized that this is a lifetime experience where I should make the most of it. After three months here at Bryant University I enjoy my time in classes, and the teachers are always supportive and helpful."


Lina from China:
“An International Life”

"There are a variety student clubs at Bryant University; the International Student Organization (ISO) is one of them. ISO is a club for and about all the international students at Bryant University. ISO provides opportunities for students from all countries of the world to interact, and aim to promote cultural awareness and a cooperative spirit within local and world communities. The activities, such as ISO Annual Gala and i2i Performance, encourage international students to participate in the community. Bryant Badminton is another popular club, which offers opportunities for students to try this fun game. If you look forward to a diverse experience, the Badminton club is a good choice. Global China Connection (GCC) is the club especially for the students who are interested in Chinese culture. They offer calligraphy, Chinese movies and Jiaozi (dumpling) workshops to enable students to experience many aspects of the Chinese culture. The dumpling workshops are being held during each Chinese traditional festival."


Donna from China:
“From Undergrad to Graduate School”

"When I was an undergraduate student, my biggest challenge was to learn the English language. If I tell you English is my 5th language you might understand why I say it was a problem for me. I was not able to communicate properly with other students in the beginning. Let me tell you a story from my second month in the U.S. My passport had expired and so I asked my best friend Pack to accompany me to the Chinese Embassy in New York City to apply for a new passport. Pack is an international student from Thailand. His English was as bad as mine but the most important thing was that he was able to understand my Chinglish (Chinese + English) at that time. Before leaving Providence, he decided to make a video for a memory. During recording, I was explaining why we are heading to NYC. A couple of years later Pack showed me the video and I was laughing at myself because I said: “Me and Pack go to NYC because my passport is FINISH!!!!!” I could not believe what I said in the video. I am so proud of how much my English has improved. My Chinglish has become English.

When I came to Bryant University for my MBA degree I was shocked to see how hard students and faculty were working. I always thought that I was a hard worker and always stay in the school library. But, at Bryant, I’ve seen people arriving at the library at 11:00 pm when I was heading home. I was stressing out to see those “hardest workers”. The professors are the same. Sometimes I receive emails at midnight. I jump out from the bed and look at the emails thinking: “Are they from the same planet as me?” Sometimes, I feel like I am working at Amazon receiving emails 24/7. However, I treat all as challenges. It shows that this is a good school and how Bryant Professors care for their students. They want to make us ready for the reality of a management position. I would like to say, “Let the blizzard come more violently,” I am ready to accept it!"


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