Alyce Viens ’15MA to enter University of Connecticut’s Ph.D. program in Communication.

Alyce Viens ’15MA fell in love with teaching in the fall of 2015. After graduating from Bryant University’s Master of Arts in Communication and becoming an adjunct professor at Bryant, she immediately knew that teaching at the college level was the career she wanted for the rest of her life. This fall, Alyce will become the first graduate of the M.A. in Communication program to advance as a Ph.D. candidate, having recently accepted a fully-funded invitation from the University of Connecticut. 

“Simply the fact that I was able to get to this amazing point in my life as a result of my education and teaching experience at Bryant is amazing,” she said, “I was competing for Ph.D. opportunities with students who graduated from major research universities, so it speaks volumes about the quality of the education and support I received at Bryant.”

Viens applied to West Virginia University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Connecticut and was accepted with fully-funded offers from all three institutions. She also received a graduate fellowship nomination as an Outstanding Scholar at UConn, which is only offered to top applicants. “All of my Bryant professors were so supportive throughout the process of identifying and applying to Ph.D. programs—especially Dr. Wendy Samter, Dr. Christopher Morse, and Dr. Stanley Baran. I don’t think I would have received that level of personalized care anywhere else.” 

Stanley Baran, the Department’s Graduate Director, added, “Alyce’s success comes as no surprise. She is everything her good fortune would suggest she is. She is also a prime example of our Department’s philosophy: identify each student’s strengths and aspirations, craft a program of study that matches both, and then deliver high quality instruction and attention to ensure the best outcome.”

Viens plans to focus her doctoral work on interpersonal communication regarding sex and relationships. She currently teaches Public Speaking and Introduction to Communication at Bryant. 


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