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Alyce Viens ’15MA to enter University of Connecticut’s Ph.D. program in Communication.

Alyce Viens ’15MA fell in love with teaching in the fall of 2015. After graduating from Bryant University’s Master of Arts in Communication and becoming an adjunct professor at Bryant, she immediately knew that teaching at the college level was the career she wanted for the rest of her life. This fall, Alyce will become the first graduate of the M.A. in Communication program to advance as a Ph.D. candidate, having recently accepted a fully-funded invitation from the University of Connecticut.

Bryant University Introduces New Master of Science in Applied Economics

Forbes magazine recently listed a Master's in Economics as one of the "Master's Degrees with the Highest Salary Potential" with mid-career income between $115,000 - $121,000. Bryant University's new graduate Applied Economics program focuses on the practical application of critical economics analysis. Graduate students will learn sophisticated research and problem-solving skills, as well as how to interpret results, design policies, make economic recommendations, and consult in employment settings such as business, government, sports, arts and entertainment, health care, banking, and finance. Emphasis will be placed on developing data analysis expertise, an area of huge need in the current employment market. 

A Professor’s Thoughts on Finding Your Path in the Field of Health Communication

Pursuing the Desire to Help People
People in health communication often start with the simple sentence, “I want to help people.” But, they are not sure how. Often, they are frustrated that information or awareness of a particular health issue or disease isn’t reaching people. And, they feel that medical school, counseling, etc. may not be the best path for them right now. But, they know they want to help people, and communication is a key part of that goal.

Want to Write a Winning Graduate School Essay? Tell Us Something We Don’t Know.

We’ve read your resumé, we’ve looked at your academic transcripts, but what does that really tell us about you? Your application for admission essay will set you apart from the other well qualified applicants. Not only do we want to know; we need to know, because it’s not just about finding the right students for the program. We want to make sure that when you graduate, you will look back on all your hard work in Bryant’s graduate school as time well spent.  It’s our job to make sure the program is the right fit for you.

Health Communication Combines Helping Others with Studying Human Behavior

Health Communication is a rewarding field in which much of the implementation is driven by research.

To illustrate the impact of researchers in the field of Health Communication, we offer brief descriptions of two contemporary studies.

An International Student's Insights About Life Outside Bryant University's Campus

Life outside Bryant University’s campus is exciting and offers all you can imagine. Providence, the Rhode Island state capital, is only a 15 minute drive or a 20 minute bus ride that's free for Bryant students with Student ID. Two of America's greatest cities are also within reach: Boston is just a 45 minute drive from the Bryant campus and New York is only 3 hours.

The Field of Health Communication, and What It Can Do for Your Career

You don’t have to be a physician to play a crucial human-centered role in the health care field which positively impacts lives. A lesser-known but increasingly important health-related discipline is Health Communication. What do health communication specialists hope to accomplish? In lesser developed parts of the world, health problems such as HIV/AIDS or infant mortality are massively compounded by such factors as low literacy rates, lack of public health funding, cultural taboos, and poor communication infrastructure, all health communication-oriented problems. Entire programs of health communication are created to directly address imposing health challenges like Zika, AIDS, opioid abuse, and other issues, both domestically and internationally.

Research Study Reports on Key Communication Challenge in Relationships

In relationships, it may not come as a surprise that one of your parter's subconscious or conscious expectations of your interpersonal communications is for you to literally be a mind reader, referred to as Mind Reading Expectations (MRE) in a study by two Communication experts.  

The Places You Can Go with a Graduate Degree in Communication

If you’re weighing the value of a graduate program in Communication, it’s important to consider your return on investment: what you will be able to do, and how much you can earn, when graduation day rolls around. The good news is: every employer in the world can use skilled communicators who possess an advanced degree, and these opportunities often lead to higher salaries and greater responsibility.